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InnerSpace takes a trip to the Picture Vehicle Specialties yard

InnerSpace came for a tour to see the driving force behind the coolest vehicles from their favorite movies.

Transat Holidays – Cuban Taxi Surprise

Our Checker Cab got a hot new paint job, a set of maracas and a fun Cuban driver. Transat Holidays hits the Toronto streets to give away “sun for everyone.”

How do movie crews make Toronto look like New York? One fake police car at a time

When film productions want to make Toronto look like New York—or any other city, for that matter—one of their first calls is to Peter Cullingford, who specializes in movie vehicles. His workshop, near Warden and St. Clair, is home to a fleet of about 180 vehicles, including imitation New York police cars (Cullingford makes them using decals and standard rooftop lights) and real New York City taxis purchased at auction.

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GODZILLA Brings Destruction to Downtown Toronto

Picture Vehicle Specialties and Set Traffic in partnership with Juxta Productions created an epic disaster scene at 348 Yonge St. (near Dundas Square) portraying the chaos following a Godzilla encounter!

Toronto Is Hollywood’s Go-To City for That Real New York Feel

Growing up, Peter Cullingford never figured on someday owning a fleet of NYPD-labeled Crown Victorias, a New York Department of Corrections vehicle, and an MTA bus. He definitely didn’t expect to be holding on to the sad carcass of a yellow cab destroyed by a fire.

But when Hollywood calls, as it often does, asking him to make Toronto, Ontario, look like New York City, he needs every resource at his disposal.

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#TimsDark Bus Commercial

Our Transit bus got a ‘dark’ makeover. See how Tim Hortons surprised shoppers on a cold, winter day by inviting them to Get into the Dark in a very unexpected way.

Ontario: Canada’s Method Actor for Film/TV Production

Beyond its lucrative tax breaks, Ontario also draws Hollywood with its skilled local crews and talent. The Hollywood Reporter asked Toronto directors, producers and location managers to discuss why Ontario continues to be Hollywood’s northern backlot of choice.

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