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Our favorite cars...


Having driven, owned and rented such a wide variety of vehicles I still get the most pleasure in barn find vehicles. Those hidden gems that have been stashed away and all but forgotten.  In the film and television industry it’s not the fancy mussle cars or rare sports cars that interest us, it’s the elusive boring 4 door family car that would fill the average street in the day. Those cars are hard to find as most were parted out or scraped. Bringing some of these back to life is rewarding and seeing the final results on the silver screen  makes all the hard work worth it!

Where to see our cars...


We don't do all this work just to let our cars stay in the garage! We have been building our fleet since 2007 and continue to seek new vehicles and improve current inventory. We are currently expanding our period cars inventory with some very interesting 60's vehicles. Check out our barn finds and project in our 60s vehicle gallery Page. 

If you're interested in seeing our past work, check out our filmography credits.